Sofovir Tablets 400 mg

Sofovir Tablets 400 mg

The following indications for Sofosbuvir relate to patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Sofosbuvir is indicated for treatment of patients with chronic HCV
  • Genotype 1 or 4: sofosbuvir plus peginterferon-alfa plus ribavirin for 12 weeks
  • Genotype 2: sofosbuvir plus ribavirin for 12 weeks
  • Genotype 3: sofosbuvir plus ribavirin for 24 weeks

Sofovir Tablets 400 mg for hepatitis | hepatitis c drugs | hep c cure

Sofovir Tablets 400 mg

It is used for the treatment of hepatitis Cvirus (HCV) infection. It has been marketed since 2013. Compared to previous treatments, Sofosbuvir-based regimens provide a higher cure rate, fewer side effects, and a two- to four-fold reduced duration of therapy. Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) allows most patients to be treated successfully without the use of peginterferon, an injectable drug with severe side effects. that is a key component of older drug combinations for the treatment of HCV. Sofovir (Sofosbuvir)is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, genotypes 1, 2, 3, and 4, in combination with pegylated interferon and ribavirin, or with ribavirin alone. It is also used in combination with the viral NS5a inhibitor ledipasvir in an interferon-free combination for the treatment of genotype 1 hepatitis C infection. Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) is also used in HCV patients with an HIV coinfection. The treatment is based on a number of clinical trials, for example the ELECTRON trial which showed that a dual interferon-free regimen of Sofosbuvir plus ribavirin produced a 24-week post-treatment sustained virological response (SVR24) rate of 100% for previously untreated patients with HCV genotypes 2 or 3.

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